Marsha D. Stonehill @ Jazz in the Country

Marsha D. Stonehill @ Jazz in the Country

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Jazz in the Country 2021 Promotion Featuring Marsha D. Stonehill, Operation Flow Podcast, Melt the Ice LLC Private Practice Psychiatrist King George VA

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Jazz in the Country in King George VA. Come & enjoy an open air, family friendly, safe environment while enjoying great music. Masks are optional.​

Jazz In The Country (JIC) Music Festival is the brainchild of Rev. Larry Robinson, Pastor of  Little Ark Baptist Church in King George. His congregation is one of 20+ member churches of the Mt. Bethel Baptist Association which owns the Mt. Bethel Retreat Center – home of the Jazz festival.

Their vision is to expand existing retreat facilities for community recreation – and moreover to institute summer camps for area youth. Pastor Robinson’s resolve for this effort energizes organizers to strive towards making his vision a reality.

We are proud to bring to King George, VA multi-talented national and international Jazz artists. We also aim to introduce our audience to many gifted jazz artists in the local Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas. As well, attendees are invited to explore King George County’s recreational opportunities and visit year-round.

We began a new tradition at our Inaugural Festival in 2019 and set the stage for annual music festivals to be held every August. Be sure to mark your calendar for our future Jazz gatherings. It will be festive times with foot-stomping sounds and finger-licking fare.

Jazz in the Country 2021 in King George VA

Psychiatric Consultations in King George VA

Marsha Stonehill, MSN, PMHNP/CNS, BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Board

Certified with American Nurses Credentialing Center

Marsha is a professional who is committed to walking alongside you in your journey to help you reach what is referred to in Maslow’s Hierarchy as “Self-Actualization”.  Ultimately, this means Marsha is committed to helping you find your deepest sense of purpose, peace, and contentment. 

Sometimes people suffer for so long in their life or their suffering stems from things outside of their control.  Hence, finding a sense of purpose, peace, and contentment may seem completely unrealistic or unachievable.  Life is definitely complicated and typically there are no clear cut answers to attaining the fulfillment we all crave.  Whether these things are actually accomplished is up to the individual as it is not without commitment and determination from the seeker.

Marsha is committed to helping you find that balance in creating and accomplishing your desired path.  She listens closely to the information you share in order to create effective solutions. 

Does it include psychotropic medication?  Counseling?  Coaching?  Skills Training?  Community Involvement?  Spiritual Development?  Or any other multitude of tools necessary to maintain our grounding and stability in a world where change is constant. 

These are the explorations that will bring clarity into your process.

Marsha has worked in both residential and outpatient settings.  In her current practice, Marsha offers services in a flexible time frame to meet your needs.

Complete the form and submit all your info to begin consultations.

You can contact Marsha using the Information Below:


Phone: (540) 413-1403


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