Operation F.L.O.W. Podcast Details

Operation F.L.O.W. Podcast Details

About Operation FLOW Podcast with Marsha D. Stonehill

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These interviews are for purposes to inspire, educate, and encourage listeners. As a spin off Melt The Ice, this podcast program is called Operation F.L.O.W. The people being interviewed demonstrate examples of individuals choosing “Fortitude, Leadership, Opportunity, Wisdom” as life brings many twists, turns, and challenges. Listen to how these individuals applied these principles in difficult circumstances. Please Read Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

To contact Marsha for appearances, speeches, or in person or video/phone call interviews or podcasts, please contact.

Operation F.L.O.W. Subscription

Please be informed that Operation F.L.O.W. podcasts will remain available to listeners at no charge. If

you choose to pay a subscription, the money will be distributed to the non-profit organization Ralph

Bunche Arts & Humanities Center in King George, Virginia. This will support development and

start-up costs until the facility becomes operational. To learn more about RBAHC and the powerful

impact this organization will have in the rural community of King George, VA and beyond, please visit

RBAHC.org. You can also donate directly to RBAHC by visiting their website at RBAHC.org. Thank you.

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