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Psychiatric Evaluation and Plans
Innovative Methods of Evaluation

When there is mental illness or behavioral issues, it does not affect only the individual but all those closest to them as well.

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Learning For Everyone
Devoted to Strengthening the Unit

There is opportunity for all people to discover new strengths and insights. Finding stability inside oneself is key in a world where change is constant.

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Finally Live Your Life
Let's Melt the Ice Together

No longer resign to “it’s just the way it is here” but get the support needed to create change in your life with Melt the Ice LLC.

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Marsha D Stonehill Melt the Ice LLC Mental Health Help in Virginia

Mental Health and Psychiatric Services for Virginia, USA

Psychiatric Evaluations

We aid if you are wondering if psychotropic medication might be something you need to consider.

Personal Growth & Development

We offer support and sessions for children, teens, and adults. Schedule today.

Professional Resources

We offer a wide range of online resources and professional sources that can encourage you.

Understanding Sensitivity

Allow yourself to take action in life by using your inherent “gifts” of the brain and spirit zone to create beneficial habits past “blockages”.

Find the Strength to Take Your Next Action

Sometimes people suffer for so long in their life or their suffering stems from things outside of their control.

Finding a sense of purpose, peace, and contentment may seem completely unrealistic or unachievable for you at this point in time. Do not worry, Melt the Ice LLC is here for you.

Life is definitely complicated and typically there are no clear cut answers to attaining the fulfillment we all crave.

Here at Melt the Ice LLC, we are committed to helping you find that balance in creating and accomplishing your desired path.

Sometimes it takes the sun a long time to melt the ice so things can come to the surface.”

– Quote from Melt the Ice Book, View More.

Melt the Ice LLC is about Offering facilitation of constructive conversation to produce desired changes where oppression continues to manifest.”

– Marsha D. Stonehill, Founder of Melt the Ice LLC

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Support for those who generally are identified as “more sensitive”

Do you know that you are very sensitive? Have people told you to not be so sensitive?

Do you tend to pick up on how other people are feeling whether they admit it or not?

Does this tendency take a toll on you?

Working with a professional who understands the complexities this “gift” brings to the table can empower you to manage your sensitivity in a manner that is more satisfying.

Melt the Ice LLC Meditation with Marsha D Stonehill

Guided Meditation with Marsha

These guided meditation experiences are for purposes to relax and de-stress listeners.

Please view the guided meditation introduction and more into my personal method of guided meditation for my clients.

Listen and subscribe on YouTube. Listen right on the website.

Melt the Ice LLC Marsha D. Stonehill, Melt the ice Now

Operation F.L.O.W. with Marsha

These interviews are for purposes to inspire, educate, and encourage listeners. As a spin off Melt The Ice, this podcast program is called Operation F.L.O.W.

The people being interviewed demonstrate examples of individuals choosing “Fortitude, Leadership, Opportunity, Wisdom” as life brings many twists, turns, and challenges. Listen to how these individuals applied these principles in difficult circumstances.

Listen on or Learn More about Operation F.L.O.W..

Listen to the Podcast:

Our team offers flexible appointment times and duration. Sessions are tailored to your needs.

We are here to support you through vulnerable moments with care. Reach out to speak.

If this Is an Emergency, please dial 911.

Virginia Psychiatric Care with Marsha D. Stonehill

Let’s Melt the Ice