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If you are wondering if psychotropic medication might be something you need to consider, a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and concerns will bring clarity to that question. 

An initial evaluation is typically 90 minutes but can be more time if needed.Personal Growth and Development:These are sessions tailored to your personal learning needs based on the concerns you have that compelled you to reach out.

Duration of appointment based on individual needs but typically:

Initial Evaluation: 90 Minutes 

Follow-up Appointments: 30 Minutes – 60 Minutes

Please contact directly for pricing and more information about sessions.

Melt The Ice is all about respecting your individuality and your truth to help you find the confidence that lies deep inside.

Frequently Asked Questions – Melt the Ice LLC

1. How do I know if I need psychotropic medication?

We start with an evaluation where we connect and conversate in a safe environment to discuss what you have been experiencing. After a 90-minute initial evaluation, we come to solutions and plans of action together to fit your needs.

2. Will I be on medication forever?

This depends on each person. Each client and treatment plan is unique so how long you may take medication will be determined between you and your representative personally. It is common for some clients to take medication during a particularly difficult time so that they are able to experience improved functioning while they are working on emotional and behavioral struggles during therapy and daily life. Once symptoms improve, the medication plan can be re-evaluated.

3. What types of conditions can psychiatric medication help with?

There are a wide range of psychiatric medications for many different types of conditions and diagnoses. At MTI, we are able to prescribe medication to help clients experiencing depression, anxiety, to manage ADHD symptoms and more depending on what is going on.

4. What if medication doesn’t help or if I don’t like the side effects?

This is something that we closely monitor with each patient to see what are the next steps and efforts that need to be evaluated and taken to improve your experience. For more information, please contact your primary healthcare practitioner or contact Melt the Ice LLC.

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For Referring Providers:

  • I follow a Bio-Psycho-Social Model
  • With written consent from the patient, I prefer team communication to maximize outcomes.
  • I work from a philosophy that the individual seeking treatment is the most essential key in the decision making of them moving into wellness.  In other words, their confidence and buy in into the treatment recommendations will be fully respected.  I seek to educate about treatment choices/options and respect any decision made by the individual.



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Our team offers flexible appointment times and duration. Sessions are tailored to your needs.

We are here to support you through vulnerable moments with care. Reach out to speak.

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